Why is it worth choosing us?

We have numerous arguments in favour of the wisdom of choosing CEC as partners for a joint start towards the eastern markets. The most essential argument of all: our partners can build up their trade connections much faster, more efficiently and cheaper with us than without.

Quick and cost-effective market entry
Our experience indicates that those partners who either arrived in the region or strengthened their positions on the Russian market by employing the services of CEC have achieved success at a fragment of the earlier costs and much sooner than usual.

Knowledge of the local business culture and language
All our representative offices are manned by multilingual professionals. We spend a lot on training our colleagues in order to facilitate the understanding between cultures and making the conclusion of deals more successful.

Orosz üzleti kapcsolatokBusiness connections for fifteen years, expertise in red tape management
You can often hear that Russia is a hotbed of red tape and corruption. Instead of either reaffirming or denying those allegation, let us assure you that unfamiliarity with the local conditions leads to a harder road ahead – and at high costs.

Local representative offices, office infrastructure
We have our own companies and trained manpower in Moscow and Almati, Kazakhstan. From those centres do we visit potential partners, prepare agreements and organize meetings with our Clients.

Our Clients: growth-oriented, ambitious small, medium and large companies
In case you are the owner or chief executive of a successful Hungarian small, medium or large company and trust the outlook for your product’s success not only at home or within the EU but also in lands to the east of our country, you may find the very partner in us.

In which countries are we present?
Our activities are focused on member states of the former Soviet Union:
The Ukraine

Short of miracles, we promise you some conscious market development.
In the few years since our start we have contacted over fifteen thousand companies in Russia. On several occasions we have been able to find prospective buyers for our Clients within a single month. Following our successful project management, we have been entrusted by several Clients to represent them permanently.
Naturally, even we cannot guarantee surefire success but, as we often say, if the product is good and the conditions of selling it are present, we have a more than good chance of finding the prospective buyers, linking them up with our partners soon.