Orosz export - szolgáltatásaink


Seeking out buyers and partners:

In harmony with Your instructions, our company will find the potential buyers and sales partners interested in Your products and services, supporting You all the way until the conclusion of Your first deal. The recent years’ figures indicate that we have been able to find interested partners for 88% of our clients from a number of sectors.

Management of appearance at exhibitions, including preliminary work and follow-up:

The usually fastest way to contact potential buyers and sales partners is the opportunity provided by trade fairs and exhibitions. We undertake to find the most appropriate special exhibitions for your company, organizing your appearance there and even providing for an interpreter. We will invite possible business partners showing preliminary interest to visit your exhibition and see what you have to offer them. After the exhibition we will do our best to develop the new acquaintance into an actual deal as soon as possible: we will maintain steadfast contact with Your potential business partners and actively participate in the fast, effective provision of all information necessary for finalizing the deal.

Provision of exhibition room for Your products:

In our representative offices abroad we will provide an exhibition room for Your products to be displayed in accordance with Your instructions by our people to the interested local partners, even participating in sales.

Persistent trade representation:

Your company’s exports cannot stop after the first successful deal. Our people are devoted to have Your company persistently increase their export income and market share following the first sale abroad. To achieve that, they will work on the basis of the sales plan harmonized with You for further enhancing the number of Your partners and the quantities You sell, contributing to a dynamic rise in Your export revenues.

Preparation of expert material supporting Your market entry:

Market entry and successful exports need a well-timed, precisely elaborated business plan. You know the secrets of Your company’s success; we know the special features of the local market. Our team can support the planning of Your market entry with focused expert material answering essential questions (analysis of competitors and their market prices, potential partners, the environment of regulations, conditions of sale, customs regulations and rules).

Counseling and execution in connection with release, customs and financing:

Our company undertakes to take the burden off your shoulders by involving partners familiar with the special features and risks of the local market, including risk handling and risk insurance linked to trade, as well as managing the financing of production and transport.

Company and trade representation:

Our experience indicates that no continuous presence on the export market, nor any increase in sales can be ensured without a local office, local qualified employees and trade representatives. For a fraction of Your expenses, and much faster than the usual time it takes, our company can ensure all these, complete with employees speaking the local language.