Why are fixed fees charged?
It is a question often arising in negotiations, as the Client considers it proper and optimal to have all expenses arise only following the successful sale of his product. In these cases we, in turn, usually ask a question about his lack of confidence – after all, we trust him enough to do all the work we perform for months in advance, requesting the compensation only afterwards. The principle of avoiding risks is understandable, of course, yet in most cases we present real results to our Client.
Unfortunately, in a few cases we had to see that, after we had performed all the preparatory work as ordered, our partner had changed his mind, failing to appear at the scheduled meeting with his potential customers. Naturally, we had no chance for any compensation or reward in those cases.
When establishing our fixed fees, we think of a sum covering only a part of the direct costs of the tasks we are to perform; it does not include our company’s profit at all.

Can Creative Expert Ltd. guarantee reliable customers for me?
In all negotiations we infoerm our Clients that, in the course of performing our tasks, we will do our utmost to find customers and orders for them – after all, our company’s reputation and existence depend on it. Yet, it is impossible to provide a 100% guarantee of success. Possibly the best approach is to see the statistics of our finished jobs so far, showing a tremendous success story with one or two exceptions. We must point out, however, that all results and success require not only a customer but also, as a precondition, the full co-operation of our Client. In every case it is vital for us to have fast and reliable information as well as the Client’s readiness for compromise with a different type of business culture.

What business sectors are covered by Creative Expert Ltd.’s business promotional services?
We take essentially sector-free orders, as shown by the wide range of our Clients’ activities. Before taking a commission, we make a survey of our partners’ activities and requirements in the course of talking to them. It rarely occurs that, due to the lack of certain conditions, we refuse a job – we do so only when we are sure we cannot help. On several occasions we have employed the services of some local specialist companies to help us meet our Client’s demands.

What references does your company have?
Our webpage contains our reference list from last year. Whenever we are empowered to do so, we supply the contact data of actual company leaders or contact persons as well.

How can Creative Expert help my company?
CEC performs those business promotion services that pave the way for companies eager to get into the market without language skills and unaware of local conditions. We seek out the actual customers and interested would-be partners for our Clients. Following the candidates’ screening through the filters of different aspects, we present them to the Client and, providing the interest is mutual, we undertake to organize personal encounters as well.

Can Creative Expert help me even to get representatives in Russia?
Our company has considerable legal and economic links in the countries indicated on the company info page, sufficient for us to undertake the representation of our Client companies there, providing the local legal and economic administration, as well as seeking out partners.

If I am already present in Russia, how could CEC help me?
Several times have we been commissioned by enterprises already represented in Russia but unhappy with their performance there. On such occasions we analyse the shortcomings and apply our company’s considerable human resources for the benefit of our Client, in order to produce results soon. Unless expressly forbidden to, we co-operate with the Client’s representative abroad.

What project duration shall I reckon with?
Our experience makes us say it is approximately 2-3 months from outset to completion – or longer, depending on the project’s individual character.

Can you help me with visa applications and organizing transfers abroad?
Our company will organize your meeting the potential buyers and, for a slight service fee, also take care of getting your visa. Before your trip, we will provide a written offer concerning transfers abroad.

What help may I get regarding customs procedures?
It must be known that customs procedures in Russia widely differ from those prevailing in the EU. Our company offers assistance to all our partners in preparing for and conducting customs procedures.