Füzesi Attila CEODear Partners,

I am most delighted to be in the position of having you as my business partner. Let me briefly share with you my thoughts that surrounded the foundation of my company, Creative Expert Consulting Ltd.
The primary concept of my enterprise is to impart all the commercial and business experience I gained in Russia in the fifteen years I spent there.
My company offers our assistance to companies entering the Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian markets, as well as to companies and enterprises that are present in those regions but are not satisfied with their results. Creative Expert Consulting Ltd is a result-oriented research firm that focuses on finding the appropiate buyer for the clients’ products and solves export related problems.
I was a student at Moscow State University when I started my first business, which quickly became successful. Alongside my detailed, step-by-step work I had luck in the early ’90s at a time when several people had good opportunities to develop their businesses, though many of them failed. I value my experience in Moscow, Russia, and would like to express my greatest gratitude to those Russian people who facilitated my success. I am also grateful to those people I worked with, without whom everything that I can now be proud of would not have been possible.
I believe our cooperation with your enterprises will bring similar successful results.
Yours sincerely,
Attila Füzesi

Attila Füzesi introduction

Fifteen years’ business experience in Russia and Kazakhstan

  • 1992-1997 Executive Director and owner of publishing house and advertising newspaper – Russia Probably one of the largest circulation advertising newspapers in the world. The initial enterprise reached 150 million dollars annual profit within 4 years, with a circulation of 3 million copies per week and a staff of more than 2,000
  • 1996-2009 Cafe Esterházy – coffeehouse chain in Moscow with a traditional Hungarian restaurant. According to independent surveys, it is the capital’s third most popular meeting place. Over the years, the regional chain enterprise opened more constituent enterprises in Russian and Kazakh towns.
  • Numerous investments in the real estate market

About us

Our company, Creative Expert Consulting Ltd., is a Hungarian business and commercial development company,Orosz export cégképviselet disposing extensive business connections in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Our main activities are mostly devoted to bringing the small and medium-sized enterprises of Hungary and other neighbouring countries to the post-Soviet countries.
It is no secret that our business approach is rather different from that found east of Hungary, which obviously requires local knowledge and connections. The business experience gained in Russia during a decade and a half along with our well-trained professional staff will help you and your company set up a successful deal.