Why is it worth exporting to Russia?

Nearly 50% of the demand of an almost 150 million strong population is met from imports.

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Why is it worth choosing us?

With our help you will be able to build your trade connections quickly and effectively.

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Our company, Creative Expert Consulting Ltd., is a Hungarian business and commercial development company, disposing extensive business connections in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Our partners are growth-oriented, ambitious small, middle-sized and big companies

If you are the owner or a leader of a small, middle-sized and big company and you hope your products will be successful beyond the European Union, and also in the East, we are the right partner for you.

We don’t promise you miracles, but a conscious marketbuilding

Since the formation of our company we have contacted more than fifteen thousand Russian companies. Several times we found companies interested in our client within a month. After successful project management, many of our partners have entrusted us with their permanent representation.
Obviously, we cannot guarantee automatic success, but as we always say, if the product is good, and the conditions for selling are met, then there’s a good chance of finding a potential customer with whom we can connect our partners within a short time.